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Star Wars Episode III:Revenge Of The Sith  (67 ratings)

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Rating  (67 ratings)
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Movie Information
TitleStar Wars Episode III:Revenge Of The Sith
DirectorGeorge Lucas
Production CompanyTwentieth Century Fox
GenreScience Fiction
Movie Reviews
Submitted by Heidi 
(Jan 10, 2007)

I love this movie!! It is by far the best Star Wars ever!! Hayden Christensen was very handsome and did an awesome job. I am a gigantic Hayden Christensen fan, so I had to acknowledge him for his work. I also thought that this movie was most realistic, because it related to real-life drama and romance. This is my personal favorite movie, and I think that anyone and everyone would love it simply because it is the perfect Science Fiction movie! If you haven't seen Star Wars Episode III yet, you should!! All my family and friends love it, and anyone I ask like it too. I LOVE STAR WARS!!!

Submitted by Victor J. Smith 
(Jan 07, 2006)

I am a huge Star Wars fan, always have been. Most likely I always will be. So, needless to say, I was greatly impressed with lucas' execution of the final Star Wars installment. It was almost like a breath of fresh air. I wasn't too impressed with Episode I, didn't like Episode II, but Episode III was more closely related, in spirit, to the originals. In my opinion the originals are some of the best Science Fiction/Fantasy films ever made. I stand by that claim. Back to the point, this was the moment all new age Star Wars had been waiting for, the fall of Anakin Skywalker. The reason for his demise, I find childish. But, then again, Anakin always was a bit immature. The actors are good, and George is in top form, the height of his directorial power. However, it sometimes revels in the visual-effects for too long. I like that sort of thing, but only for so long. And it doesn't quite have the magic of the original films. But those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

Submitted by Micah McQueary 
(May 23, 2005)

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away there used to be a trilogy worthy of mention. Star Wars was a hit, not only for me, but for millions of people eager to see something new, something to make life more interesting, something to look upon with broad imagination and wish they could be a part of. I still look upon Star Wars and dream, but for some reason I am constantly reminded of the travesty that graced the theatre screens a few years ago, and then about a year later, and then last night. Yes, I speak of Episode Three; without the title, music, names and lightsabers it would not only have been a separate trilogy, but a pitiful one at that.
Despite my extreme dislike for the prequels, I must say that this one was the better of three evils. However, it still infringed upon the values of the old Star Wars and cannot even compare to them. I will list my complaints, and hopefully some of you will see them with recognition.

1. First off, Grievous. In my opinion, he’s the next step in the evolutionary tree, right above Jar Jar. The pictures make him look menacing, and he certainly looks frightening. Under all that machinery, he’s a coughing, wheezing coward. This might be another one of his political satirical moments, but it seems he chose the wrong movie to place a politically negative billboard. It wouldn’t bother me so much if it hadn’t been for his accent. If you recall, you didn’t have accents aside from American and British in the sequels, but here in the prequels you have an array of giant Italian bugs with a gonzo nose to a menacing robotic version of Siegfried and Roy. Ugh…
2. Is it just me, or are all the Jedi eager to toss of their robes and break out in a lightsaber duel? Personally, I see Obi Wan acting more like a Han Solo than a Jedi, and it makes me sick to the stomach to think that the Jedi used to be a little lower then a hypocritical bunch of fascists who will do anything to stay atop the high seat of power. Surely they are not like this but I can’t help feeling that, when Yoda kills all in his way on his path to Palpatine, there is something wrong going on. Is he enjoying it? Surely he doesn’t need a sword to survive? Isn’t that what he taught us the old days; that brain was better then brawn? Times change, I suppose…
3. The robots upset me quite a bit, too. He just doesn’t get the fact that robots do not say, “Uh..” “Um…” or even cry out in pain. Wait, cry out in pain? That’s a little…. Too personal. Especially when they shout out at a clumsy R2-D2, “Hey, you!”. Sure, I had to laugh when R2-D2 fumbled with the coms and inserted it into his body to rid of the noise. However, the Scooby-Doo theme of squirting oil under the feet of his oppressors was quite childish and silly in my opinion. They may be little things, but it is still obnoxious and unnecessary.
4. The names drive me nuts. Since when does shoving a noun like “Maul” or “Grieve” and then perhaps adding an “ous” at the end constitute as an eligible Darth? We’ve got all these silly names and to top it off, Anakin kneels before the Emperor and decides to call him Vader. It must not have been much like a father-son moment because before he even thought twice he spat out “Vader” and dubbed him post haste. There was no, “Hmmm… I think I shall call you…. Erm…. V…Vaa... Viscious? Erm…. Vay..derous?… Vader! That’s it! VADER!”. I believe Lucas just didn’t have the imagination to try anything else, because later on when Amidala was dying she seemed like she had no choice. Pop! “You are Leia” Pop! “You are Luke!” and then she’s singing in the choir of angels (Isn’t that what cute little Ani’ called her when he was a kid? Ah, and to think Anakin had turned to the Dark Side for her, only to really want to choke her neck…).

There are many other little things that upset me as well, including the fact that the Jedi are seemingly unstoppable (Gee, why not create a whole army of those? See, since the Force isn’t based on a life spirit and is determined solely by how much of certain cells you have in your body, and considering one person can have more eligibility for being a Jedi more so than the children Yoda seems to be shoveling out almost every other day, why not just make millions of Jedi and have them swarm the republic?!), the fact that the republic seems to have banned human pilots on their special ships, the fact that Vader had a cape from the very beginning (what puzzles me the most about it is that they had laid him flat out on a vat to put him back together. Now, do you think, after adding all this life support machinery and forming him into the menacing Vader we know now, that they would go through all that trouble to put on a cape?), the fact that the wookies looked like a mock-up of Bigfoot from “Harry and the Hendersons”, and the Shakespearian love scenes. I did like, however, the way Anakin turned to the dark side the way he did. It was superb and it was the best thing that Lucas handled the most. It made you feel trapped inside, knowing he was soon to become evil, and you can only wonder how this happened.

However, this movie still makes for a let-down. I can’t blame him, though. His other two were so bad that NOTHING could have brought him up. Thumbs down, I have to say, but I applaud him for a good try.

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