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Burnout III: Takedown   (22 ratings)

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Rating (22 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleBurnout III: Takedown
PublisherEA Games
DeveloperCriterion Games
Game Reviews
Submitted by Rick 
(Oct 28, 2005)

This game is packed with exciting challenges. The AI on this game, to include recovery timing leaves much to be desired however. Head to Head, and Crash Mode are great, but races..well, for what fun might have been had is taken by a faulty AI and an unbalanced with AI Cars. Case in point; When you bounce a competator he quickly recovers and is back on your tail in less than 3 seconds. When you bite it you lose at least 5 secs per crash as the slow motion event of your crash eats away at precious race time. Other glitches with AI like AI cars slipping past obvious head and side collisions also add the the unbalance. This doesnt become an issue until you've invested in the advances stages of the game.

Submitted by Micah McQueary 
(Mar 24, 2005)

Ever since I began playing games like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, I've had a need to play realistic car games. I've looked world over for them, and Burnout 3 seems to come up a lot. Playing it for the first time, I didn't have much hope for it, but I'm a fan of making crashes and smashing your opponent into walls. Especially when I get angry about losing. I will simply begin by saying that this fulfilled my dream and more, and anybody who plays racing games will know that this is a high five.

First off, I'm not a fan of racing games. Yes, my intro sounds otherwise, but it's completley true. In fact, I hate them. I only like making hollywood style crashes. This game, on the other hand, made me more of a fan of racing than I had been. Now, be honest you serious gamers, you get angry from time to time when you don't come in first. In fact, some times you scream, "This is too frekin' unfair!" (at least... erm.... I do). Here is the game where, not only can you scream in anger, but get back at them. On top of that, you can get points for a load of other things, too! In short, drifting, skidding, bumping, shunting, going into oncoming traffic and grinding gets you points. Simply put, "Take risks" is a worthy motto.

Graphics are wonderful, and with each shining light to each little bump your smile will widen. Remember the days when, whenever you crashed, all that was shown was your car going askew? Well, feast your eyes on yet another wonder of today. The physics work hand in hand, so as not only will your windshield slowly begin to peel off your car or your "on-its-last-hinge" door will fly open when you turn, but when you crash, you really crash. No matter if you ram them into a bus, or push them into an oncoming wall, their front end will mash into the steering wheel.

The music, you can tell, was brought into this game specifically so you keep the blood pumpin' fingers mashing. Rock, Emo and many others keep playing for your driving needs, except to keep you awake. If it hinders your driving or you just don't like it you can either change the song with a click of a button, or you can just mute it. I recommend both, because I've certainly been in those kind of situations. Driving quietly just leaves more audio space to be able to hear your hood snap in half. Otherwise, prepare to have these songs stuck in your head for a long time.

A lovely addition to the series happens to be one of my most favorite subjects of the game: Aftertouch. Aftertouch is where, when you die, you have the ability to continue steering your car. Yep, just use Aftertouch and the driving will go slo-mo, giving you time to find out your enemies and destroy them. Revenge purposes aside, it's an awesome tool to strategically end your opponents momentum and redirect it somewhere else. Say... Up.

Besides the ordinary "racing", you have another two game modes. One is "Road Rage", where you try and make your opponents crash (called achieving a "Takedown")as many times as you can before you die (getting beaten up too much. Your car gets pretty messed up). The other mode is called Crash Mode, where you have to do as much damage in money as you can with the traffic provided. Going to different tracks, you've got to strategically pick up powerups such as a boost or a "4X", which quadruples your money score.

I do have to put Burnout 3 down a little bit on two different matters. One is the Aftertouch system. Though it is incredibly useful, it has it's drawbacks. You cannot control the camera, so your either stuck looking in front of you to hopefully catch enemies and take lucky guesses for those behind, or look behind you and manage to knock someone behind you. Depending on where you are, though, you could be looking straight up at where you're flying. Otherwise, it's not so much of a problem.

The second prob, which infuriates me, is tha AI. They are smart, I have to admit, but in that respect they can make mistakes; something that the game tries to hide. When I say "hide" I mean glitches... In the favor of the AI-Opponents. Normally, if you'r going at 200 MPH and hit ongoing traffic going at 50 MPH, expect a big boom. If you hit a wall going at a slightly wrong angle, expect a one way ticket to heaven. However, this does not seem fitting for the AI, for if they do these simple mistakes they seem to automatically correct themselves in the form of a slight deranged hiccup. I don't mean, "IT looked like he hit it" I mean like "He hit it". For instance, I'm witnessing a car in front of me going very fast. Now, a bus comes along. The car in front of me turns slightly, but not enough. His right headlight area hits the bus, but hits the bus as if these two opposing forces had been coated twice in vegetable oil; it simply slips away. This may not sound big, but when you are neck in neck and you die while he gets away with it, you'd be mighty ticked.

Still, this game is so fun I've been playing it since Christmas. Everyt time brings fantastic thrills and hillarious moments, and trust me, you will laugh. Multiplayer may be difficult, as the screen gets smaller and size does affect your driving, but it is worth the laughs every once in a while. I just can't wait to get an online adapter and beat the snot out of other players in another cool mode called "Team Road Rage", where one side has to make it to the finish line before the other destroys them. Geezuz... Now whenever I'm in traffic behind the turtle on depressants I just want to veer out and score a takedown.

Note to those getting their license: This game will NOT improve your driving.

Graphics- Pleasantly pleasing - 5.
Replayablilty- From now until Burnout IV - 5.
Music- From some of your favorite bands - 5.
Gameplay - Enemy can be unfair, but revenge isn't - 4.


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