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Final Fantasy VII   (84 ratings)

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Rating (84 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleFinal Fantasy VII
DeveloperSquare Enix
Game Reviews
Submitted by sean 
(Nov 11, 2005)

This is the best Final Fantasy to ever come out. It is so great. From the music, to the story, to the characters, the plot twists, originality, etc.. The list could go on and on, but....
There are few things I would have differently, but they are made up for in the game.
The songs are catchy, lively, and at times moving. I really love a few particular ones, but my favorite ones are J-E-N-O-V-A and One-Winged Angel. They're great.
I suppose to sum up, I just really enjoyed the feel of the game and how much fun I had playing it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys RPGs.

Submitted by Micah McQueary 
(Feb 03, 2005)

Okay, we're talking about the best Final Fantasy to hit shelves. Yes, some would disagree, but most would concuur that FFVII was the most innovative, creative and enjoyable of them all. The plot was *Muah* merveilleux. The two things I loved the most about it was the music and the storyline. It would have been an amazing book, you know?

Graphics doesn't matter, okay? Well, maybe they do. For something that was the first Playstation game to come out, it was amazing. Plus, it was the first Final Fantasy to come out in 3-d. With this in mind, I'd say that these people were geniuses of the RPG age. Turns out that this, currently, is the age of RPGs. I have not, yet, seen a Final Fantasy that can top the 7th one.

Music was perfecto, and I mean PERFECTO. It was above and beyond better than any fantasy RPG I've played. I'm serious. DON'T LAUGH!

Gameplay is very fun. The camera angle can get annoying, but otherwise an ingenius way of making everything fit together; music, plot, graphics and all. If I ever ended up hating RPG's later on in life, I would simply have to think back to this game and WHAM, there I am back in nostalgia land. I listen to the music sometimes when I'm writing, and it helps me write fantasy because of the very fact it came from this game. In fact, I'm listening to the chocobo song at this very moment. Yes, I REALLY AM!

Speaking of which, I think (you heard me, I said I THINK) this was one of the first Final Fantasies to incorperate a sport as almost an entirely different game in itself. The chocobo farming idea was astoundingly genius, and it opened a broad variety of choices when playing. Frankly, my brother is a good chocobo farmer and has a black and gold chocobo! No kiddin'! It's just plain creative.

Here we go!

Graphics 4.5
Music: 5
Gameplay: 5
Plot/Storyline: 6.... fine, fine.... 5
Replayability: 5

For all you people that haven't heard of it, shame on you. For all you RPG lovers, shame one you AND go get it, now! Even if you have a PS2, just get it. I mean, since when was there a PS game where you could go on a date with Aerith OR Tifa depending on how good you treated them?


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