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Spider-Man 2   (86 ratings)

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Rating (86 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleSpider-Man 2
Game Reviews
Submitted by Micah McQueary 
(Feb 02, 2005)

Here we are again, rating another great game. I finally realized I can write more than 300 characters, so this will be a lot better.

We've got Spider Man 1, a horrible game. I mean BAAAAAD. The graphics were good, sure, but man.... What exactly was he hitting when he shot his web upwards? The clouds? I don't think so...

Now we have Spider Man 2. I got it with low hopes, but I imagined it a little better. I mean, since when does a movie franchise ever publish a game and have it good (besides Simpsons: Hit and Run)? When I popped it in and immediatley heard Bruce Campbell's voice, I knew off the top it was going to be good. Then I saw the entire map of New York, and that's when I started to worsip it. I also saw the fun fighting combos and the fact that you could buy more with "Hero Points" (you gian them by doing tasks you can either find by talking to civilians in distress or beating up bad guys you manage to fall upon. Or just rescue balloons and return them to the children that let them go. I always wanted to beat the snot out of that kid. Do you know how hard it is to catch those things in mid-air?).

Swinging.... Oh, what a heaven. Since when have you found a game where you can swing just like Spidey? It's amazing! The feeling is satisfying as you perform tricks and fly through tight spots (now all I need is a superman game... woohoo!).

The graphics were so-so, but it's forgivable as the entire map of NY must have kicked up the juice for space and they HAD to take it from somewhere. A redo on PS3 could fix that problem.

The voices of the major characters was done well, and I especially love Brucey coming in every now and then to give you tips and, yes, make fun of you and crack jokes. The civilians, on the other hand, can get a little annoying. If I ever hear another "Noo Yoyk" accent again I'm going to flip out.

However difficult it was to stay with the plot, I must say it was a good job. They tied in several other of Spidey's most hated. If you read his comics, you'll find some of the golden oldies. If you look hard enough you will also notice, on one of the tall skyscrapers, the remnants of the old villian the Raven... or the Crow...I think.... erm... Well, I didn't remember his name, but you know he's a golden oldie if you've read the comics. His feathers rest on the edge.

The music is done by the same person who did the movies, I believe. So, you can expect it to be good. Even if it wasn't, I give it two thumbs up.

Here are the ratings. You'll find them suitable to your tastes!

Graphics: 4.5
Plot: 5
Music: 5
Voice Acting: 5
Enjoyment: 5!!!
Replayability: 5

You can't take your hands off of this one. Be the spidey, and swing over to your local game store. BUY IT! BUY IT! Even if you're not into aciton, or even Spider Man. BUY IT!


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