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Ninja Gaiden   (14 ratings)

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Rating (14 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleNinja Gaiden
DeveloperTeam Ninja
GenreAction Adventur
Game Reviews
Submitted by Dominus 
(Jan 19, 2005)

While I didn't get to play the whole game, which I'm still angry about, I think I did play enough of it to review it.

This is the most recent game by Team Ninja, Tecmo's vaunted in-house development team, bringing with them the great visual style from Dead or Alive, which means that the game looks really, really nice, especially the cutscenes.

You play as Ryu Haya....something or other, a ninja in a clan, who guards the Black Dragon Sword, yadayada, the story isn't really needed, the game is fun without it. You start off easily in a training mission, learning your moves, both fighting and cool ninja moves that get you into places normal people can't. Yet even here, in the first mission, you encounter the most problematic part of the game. It's HARD. This game is in no way made for casual gamers, or people who get easily frustrated if they die, or people who don't have a lot of time, because you WILL die a lot, and you WILL spend a lot of time getting past certain sections. There are several reasons why the game is hard, the most obvious being the actual bad guys. Almost all of the enemies you face in the game are quite easy to kill by themselves, because to be frank, Ryu is a ninja, thus he kicks ass, but of course, there is never just one, but usually three (and often more). This means that while you attack one guy, others get behind, knock you to the ground, and then they all proceed to hit you for alarming amounts of health. And while most fights aren't that hard, occasionally they will get lucky and you'll find yourself dead, quick. Another thing that makes this game hard is that it is a savepoint game, meaning you can only save by walking up to a certain thing and saving. While some save points are put in good spots, some levels are quite horrible in the spacing, putting some very, very close together (negating their usefullness), and the others way the hell apart, meaning that you may have to repeat long sections if you die. And the third is the camera. The only control you have over the camera is by pressing R, which centers it behind you. This can get REALLY annoying in battle when there are enemies in front of you and behind you, or they are circling around you. This aslo proves problematic when they are shooting you, and you can't see them to know when to block, plus you'll have to constantly press R, as you'll be moving around them. However, the difficulty doesn't mean the game isn't fun, and fun it is. While you can get other weapons, such as nunchuka, flails, hammers, etc., you will find that you will mostly use your sword. The action part of this game requires really good reflexes, because fighting is basically like playing a 3D version of Mortal Kombat or something, complete with combos. Ryu has lots of moves, but you will find yourself finding some you like, then using the hell out of them.

I would recommend this game for anyone who wants a challenge, anyone who likes fighters, or anyone who wants some hard fun.


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