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Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes   (14 ratings)

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Rating (14 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleDungeons and Dragons: Heroes
GenreRPG/Action Adve
Game Reviews
Submitted by Dominus 
(Jan 19, 2005)

You can pick from 4 different classes at the beginning; fighter, rogue, wizard, and cleric. I played through it as a wizard, always been partial to magic. Anyway, the game starts out really simply, getting you used to the controls and such, basically, you can come into this game knowing nothing of D&D and being able to pick it up easily, as it is geared much more towards action than traditional RPG elements (conversation, sidequests). This game is apparently more for multiplayer enjoyment than for single player, as there is some text in the top left that blinks and tells players to join. None of my roommates ever played with me, so I just played through it myself. Basically the game is fun, whether you're casting spells, throwing objects, or right in the middle of melee combat. The camera allows you to either zoom out and look around (think BG2, though not quite so far out), or you can zoom in pretty close to your character. The game looks quite good zoomed out, great particle effects, water, and especially reflections, but once you zoom in, it doesn't look as great, good, but not great, plus you can't see as much around you, meaning archers and other ranged combatants are more bothersome. The biggest problem I had with this game were the chests. Normally in D&D games, if you don't have a key, you can break open the chest. Not so here. Keys are used mainly for chests, and a few doors, but there are a ton of chests, and hardly any keys in the levels. And as a wizard, I had low strength meaning I couldn't carry much, so I left equipment behind worth thousands. The game also has bosses, each with their own entrance and death cutscene, which are all very, very well done. You can also set the difficulty level, I played through the game on normal, and didn't have too tough of a time, challenging, but not to the point that I hated it. Overall it was a fun experience, and I think it would be a great party game if you have friends over.


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