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Legacy of Kain: Defiance   (23 ratings)

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Rating (23 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleLegacy of Kain: Defiance
PublisherEidos Interactive
DeveloperCrystal Dynamics
GenreAction Adventur
Game Reviews
Submitted by Vibhu 
(Apr 21, 2005)

The game Legacy of Kain : Defiance is brilliant. After Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen2 etc. This is the best edition of all. The graphics,sounds and cutscenes are very well made, followed up by the excellent story. Though I'm stuck in the level:8, and I am not able to find Raziel's new reaver(The water reaver). I would request to everyone to kindly suggest the strategy to me so that I can move up to the next level. I'm really bored of this level. Besides, I really like the TK of Kain and the Fire spell of Both. Well, I'm looking forward to any suggestions, you can leave a Review to me on this site anytime by the name of Vibhu.

I hope you would also enjoy the game very much due to its realastic screenplay and breath-taking puzzles.

Submitted by Dominus 
(Jan 19, 2005)

Yet another Kain game in a long line of them, I picked this up because I really enjoyed Blood Omen 2. While the game is beautiful, the story is excellent, the combat moves are cool, and the voice acting best of all, it has a ton of flaws, namely, the repetition. While there are fair amount of different kinds of baddies, most all of them can be simply killed by hacking away, again, and again. Most of them don't even pose a challenge whatsoever, only getting in hits when you're fighting something else. The combat is very streamlined, and fighting multiple opponents isn't a task, but again, only a few baddies in the entire game actually require strategy to fight, making the game combat really, really boring after a while. Another problem is the camera. Defiance uses a fixed camera that can be somewhat manipulated with the right thumbstick, and when I say somewhat, I mean hardly at all. And while the camera is mostly good, there were times I couldn't see who I was fighting, and most distressing, when I was jumping to platforms I couldn't see. But, like I said, the game is beautiful, there are a ton of great textures all around, and the particle effects are most impressive, especially Raziel's sword. Some of the puzzles in the game are a bit hard, the only problems I had were when I was stupid, but otherwise they're really simple, which is annoying when they just involve walking and jumping. Ultimately, this game could have been really good if they had increased puzzle difficulties, and most of all, revamped the baddies so that they weren't so boring to fight.


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