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Enclave   (28 ratings)

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Rating (28 ratings)
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Game Information
PublisherConspiracy Entertainment
GenreRPG/Action Adve
Game Reviews
Submitted by Dominus 
(Jan 19, 2005)

I read some good reviews about this game and I rented it, it didn't disappoint. This is basically an RPG that is played as an Action Adventure, meaning that you control all the action, movement and attacks, which makes this much more fun to actually play, unlike KotOR. You can choose from several different characters before each level, such as a Knight (lots of health, all melee weapons, slow), Huntress (medium health, use of all ranged weapons and special arrows), Wizard (low health, uses magic staffs), and more. This is nice since some levels are made a lot easier with certain characters, though you can play any character in all the levels. Since this was one of the first games to come out for the Xbox, it didn't really push the graphical limits or anything, but it is still a pretty game, especially the textures, which are very nice. The left thumbstick controls the camera, which allows you to see around in 360 degrees, which is very helpful in battles. Overall the enemies in this game are very good in terms of intelligence. Every now and then they get stuck in places, but overall they can follow you, jump obstacles, and switch between ranged and melee weapons very well. In the first levels, the baddies aren't really tough at all, but in the later levels, some can kill you all by themselves if you don't play smartly. Which brings us to my biggest gripe about this game, the lack of a good save system. Instead of being able to save periodically, or at certain points (I've only found one checkpoint so far), the game is saved after the completion of each level, which means that if you die at the very end of a level, you have to play the whole thing over again. This isn't a big deal in the early levels, but as they get harder, you find yourself getting very annoyed when you have to play a level over and over again (and believe me, you will die, often in some places). That is actually the only major problem I had with the game, if it had had a decent save feature it would have been a lot more enjoyable, because in some levels you find yourself doing trial and error playing instead of just regular playing, i.e. going through every strategy you can think of, no matter how cowardly or cheap, just to get past a certain room in the level. Which brings me back to the game, it gets really hard, meaning you will die, meaning you will have to play some levels multiple times. The really nice thing with the baddies is their variety. There's puny ones that usually stay far away and shoot at you, ones that use shields and melee weapons up close, mages that shoot magic at you (these become extremely good in later levels, they're the ones that can kill you all by themselves, since some of them can hurt you even with your shield up), and then some that use both ranged and melee weapons depending on where you are, which is very cool. Anyway, not only is there a Light Quest, but after that is completed, you get to play the Dark Quest, essentially doubling the game. There is also a really nice minigame feature, special levels that you unlock while going through the campaign, that are not only fun, but actually give you more gold to help you in the campaign. Very cool. This game also has really nice music that fits the environments and such, which is always a plus. If you're up for a challenge, I definitely recommend this game, it's very fun (if you don't mind doing things over....and over....and over).


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