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Dino Crisis 3   (34 ratings)

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Rating (34 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleDino Crisis 3
GenreAction Adventur
Game Reviews
Submitted by Dominus 
(Jan 19, 2005)

Wow, I'm really glad I rented this game. The graphics and cutscenes in this game are beautiful, but if I wanted that I would watch a DVD. This action/adventure/shooter has horrendous gameplay. The perspective is a thirdperson view, which is fine when the camera follows you and you can move it at will. In this case, you can't. The camera angle is based on where you are in the level, so you have no idea when it's suddenly going to switch from a side view to a back view etc. This gets ANNOYING AS HELL. The monsters you're supposed to kill, you can't see half the time (no joke). If the game didn't have auto-aim you would die, very, very quickly. This, of course, is boring, when you're just shooting, and seeing the elimination gauge go up so that you know that you are indeed shooting enemies, all while killing your thumb (the X button is to shoot, no R trigger for these guys). Then there's the fact that there's basically 5 different baddies the whole game (and that's including moving laser emitters and floating mines), which means that they try and liven up battles with even more baddies instead of some variety. Woohoo. The only real good part of this game is the booster (R trigger), which you use to move fast, dodge baddies, jump really high, and basically navigate all obstacles with. And as an adventure this has some platform jumping and the like, which is made a tad difficult when the camera suddenly jumps from 100 ft. away (at that point you only have a vague idea if you're near the platform) to right beside it, causing you to plummet (luckily I have yet to be hurt from a fall, but you still have to get back to where you started) I would tell anyone to avoid this horrible, horrible game.


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