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Fire Emblem   (8 ratings)

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Rating (8 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleFire Emblem
DeveloperIntelligent Systems
Game Reviews
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jan 27, 2009)

Fire Emblem, in my opinion, is the best game ever. It is by far may favourite game, and I have played through it about 16 times.
I could write an 1000 word essay on how spectacular this game is, but I don't have the time. If you like stratergy games, or have never even played one, Fire Emblem is a must.
Fire Emblem is a Turn-based stratergy game with a very detailed storyline, and high quality gameplay. Unlike most games, The player does nothing of the fighting in the game, but the fighting is controlled by a random number generator (sounds weird but it works). And to top all of this, if any character dies in the game, he (or she) is gone for ever.
The game follows the stories of three young "lords", Eliwood, Hector and Lyn. In the beggining, Eliwood and Hector are Heirs to the throne of two lands, whilst Lyn is a plains-girl, who, unknown to her, has a direct relation to the ruler of another land.
The first part of the game, made up of a prologue and 10 chapters, is a detailed tutorial, that outlines ALL the bacics on how to play, whilst introducing the storyline. The Tutorial follows Lyn's quest to seek out her grandfather, the king of "Caelin" before he is killed by his power-hungry brother.
The next part of the game becomes significantly harder, resonably quickly. The second part of the game follows Eliwood’s story (after you beet the game you can follow Hector’s). Eliwood’s father is the ruler of a land called “Pheare” and he has not returned from a seemingly mediocre journey (for a ruler) into a land unknown to Eliwood. Eliwood eventually leaves Pheare and sets out to find his father, who has been declared missing. This is where the player takes control of Eliwood’s “team” through various chapters, where he meets up with the last lord, Hector, and has the team from the first part of the game join him over various chapters.
This game is very well designed, with deep characters and a deep storyline. There are many optional side quests that add to the experience. And finally, there’s “Hector’s Hard Mode”, The difficulty level so hard, it has it’s own walkthrough. I myself have only beaten it two times.
Aside from all of this, this game is simply enjoyable. It is (in my opinion) the best game ever, with Ocarina of Time coming in at number 2. That being said, this game is definitely not for everyone. This game is not one that relies on skill or speed (in the player), only the ability to perform simple mathematics quickly and a mind for tactics. If you do not want to perform some maths, or over-predict situations and suffer the consequences, do not play the game, it will only make you angry.
Overall, as you might guess, I rate it 10/10.


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