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World of Warcraft   (22 ratings)

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Rating (22 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleWorld of Warcraft
PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
Game Reviews
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Sep 04, 2009)

World of Warcraft...hmmm where do i start? You start off as a little level one in an enormous world of monsters and instances and level and get better gear to level more. Once you hit end game you have to do the same 'daily' quests everyday to get gold to buy better gear so that your new gear can get you inro harder instances to get even better gear so you can get EVEN better gear from other instances....the game is so repedative just all the same stuff over and over again.
You can get proffessions to level to make stuff for your character and sell for more money. So once you level them up what is there to do then?
After people get bored of an Xpac because they have gotten all the best gear in the game and stand around in the major cities all day Blizzard bring out a new Xpac, ooo goodie another xpac! what will be in this one? Hmmm another ten levels and more instances to get BETTER gear...how fun.
Raids are to straight forward and boring with tanks and healers and dps all standing thier doing one botton rotations trying to burn down the boss.
Overall i think the game in general could of had alot more thought put into it so there is more skill involved, with different types of things to do other than just quests...HOW BORING!
If the game is going to go anywhere they need to develop the PVP alot more or something...im not a game designer!


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