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Just Cause   (17 ratings)

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Rating (17 ratings)
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Game Information
TitleJust Cause
PublisherEidos Interactive
Game Reviews
Submitted by wolfi 
(Dec 18, 2006)

I just recently beat this game. Yeah it was fun, yeah it had glitches, but it was still entertaining.

On the scenery, awesome. The game looks beautiful. Instead of going on vacation, I just play this game. The water and the clouds were one of the main reasons I bought it! The sun actually looks like the real thing (for those of you who have always wanted to stare at it). However, I feel like they didn't put in enough time on the main character, Rico. You would think that Eidos would make him look very detailed since you are looking at him the entire time. But I noticed that at night, he looks like he was painted with a coat of flat black.

Game play:
The entire map is open from the beginning, and it's huge. 250,000 acres of land, which comes out to... a lot of land that I probably still have not touched. This might seem like a problem to some, but the guys at Eidos thought of that. There are a couple things you can do when stuck in a stranded area:
1) Call for "Extraction." When you do this, a helicopter flies overhead and picks you up. It then drops you off at a Safe house of your choice (but only if you have unlocked it). and by "drops you off" I mean "throws you out". Luckily, Rico comes equipped with a parachute. He doesn't ware it visibly, but trust me, it's always there. That's another cool thing about this game. You have an infinite supply of parachutes. I personally loved BASE jumping in GTA SA, and Just Cause took it to another level. You can reach very high altitudes in this game, which means very long and scenic falling. Anyways, I digress.
2) You can also call for a "Heavy Drop". This is where the helicopter drops off 1 of 4 vehicles of your choice. You start out with only the Dirt Bike. But soon unlock the Jeep/Truck thingy (that's loaded with guns and missiles). A Boat (that looks like a Hydro Plane) complete with the works, and last a personal helicopter that can get you around places fast.

However, if you like, you can steal vehicles that pass you with your grappling hook gun. Just point and shoot at passer-bys (this could go for helicopters and planes too) and your parachute opens letting you paraglide behind them. You can reel it in and jump in, or you can reel out and get some air.

I'm still trying to get used to the fact that there is no crouch button. I don't know, I guess I'm just used to being able to do that. You can choose to do Story missions or Side Missions. The Side missions help unlock vehicles, weapons, and Safe houses. They can vary from fairly easy, to fairly annoying, but guaranteed they will become boring (THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM AND THEY ARE VERY REPEATATIVE). The Story Missions can become frustrating, but of course what game doesn't?

Unlike Saint's Row, there is a huge selection of vehicles in this game. Everything from Tanks to ATVs, Planes to Jet skis. Although you can't customize your vehicle(s) like in Saint's Row, there really isn't a reason too. The nice thing is that there are more than one of certain vehicles. There are several types of Tanks, Fighter Jets, Fighter Helicopters, etc. You don't really feel the need to customize when you have such a wide variety.

There is a glitch I have that apparently others have too. The game stutters every now and again, pausing game play for a second. It's not as bad as some people make it out to be, but can take away from intense firefights. Also, it's pretty annoying how the game brings the war to you. You could be standing completely still at one of your safe houses, and total anarchy breaks out right in front of you. You could get killed if you leave the game unattended. It's also really hard to get away from the sound of helicopters. One of the only places I have found is up in the mountains, and it's still hard.

I think they should have just named your character "Antonio Banderas." From the looks to the voice, everything was very similar. I smell a movie. But you play as Rico Rodriguez, a ladies man who was hired by the American "Agency" to start a revolt in San Esperito (Peru or Panama replica) and basically raise hell. You will work with the Guerrilla to help take out the corrupt government, and the Rioja to wipe out a local gang. All three groups (Agency, Guerrilla, and Rioja) give you safe houses which can get confusing. On the map, safe houses are all symbolized by one icon, and there are a lot of them. This may get frustrating when you want to get to a certain safe house but don't remember which one it is.

Anyhow, this game is definitely worth checking out. I had a lot of fun with it. Especially for those of you who often find themselves running around for hours causing mayhem then actually playing for the story.


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