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    The year is 2252. The Earth is in chaos, its environment and creatures threatened with destruction. Humans share consciousness with animals, androids, and dozens of alien species. Uneasy alliance and dangerous confrontation are part of everyone’s life. ...
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  2. New Book: Beyond the Hedge

    Beyond the Hedge by K. A. Wolberg (published by Tate Publishing) is a new fantasy novel to be enjoyed by pre- and young teens but also a story that will be much appreciated and enjoyed by adults. If you enjoy the imagery, symbolism and mythical worlds found in such works as The Chronicles of Narnia, you are bound to like Beyond the Hedge. K. A. Wolberg takes you on extraordinary adventures with magical creatures in the world of Fayria. Twists and turns abound as good and evil battle for the future ...
  3. Interesting Tidbit for Reviewers

    While browsing some sites today I came across The Book Smugglers site. This little disclaimer caught my eye.
    [QUOTE]In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, The Book Smugglers would like everyone to know that while we do purchase our own books for review on occasion, you should assume that every book reviewed here at The Book Smugglers was provided to the reviewers by the publisher or the author for free unless specified otherwise.[/QUOTE]

    This ...
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