MourningShadow's Bones: The true meaning of sacrifice by Shandria Katz

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SUMMARY: Note: W'wolves in the game deal with two worlds. the real world and a mirror world that is inhabited with spirits. The two co-exist side by side but not always reflect the same.

My vision was clearer than it ever was before. Something changed. Whether the Tribes of the moon were successful or not...I saw a new place. I was not needed for the eye of the storm...but I saw a castle wall. I saw the lands past the wall and they were not near where the eye was reputed to be. I saw mountains of the highland and could smell the scent of heather and cold but the old wall of the land was to the north of me. Near the borders of Scotland inland...Yorkshire maybe.

Before me was a tall stone wall depicted with various iconic pictures of glory and purity. The wall was crumbling...words on individual broken stones crumbled as this wall shuddered and fell. At my feet were shards of something metallic and I heard the wolf howl of the Arncott wolf running free.

Wall of Stone...something happened to Wall of Stone. An ally to the Reading territories I knew the significance if he had fell...there was no male heir of their line to replace him. If his blade was shattered, a curse would follow but a far darker prophecy would come to pass and many would die in his territory. The spirits would rise free from the Pact made.

So it was, I traveled north towards the highlands seeking out the castle I saw. I was left wondering why it was south of the border I found the gathered uratha who sought the eye of the storm. It came apparent that the Balehounds were trying to get the Eye so the uratha escaped with it.

I found the Arncott pack and they held the broken pieces of the fetish heirloom. I understood what was needed. With the blade broken that which held the Arncott power was broken and free. Marcus a fellow Hirathfra Hissu also told me of Wall of Stone's flight. A party of the best trackers and warriors left to find Wall of Stone while I hunted with the remainder his pack to find a spirit to for-fill the Arncott Promise. I let their elodoth make the deal as I would need my strength to the reforging of the fetish. I worked hard to make anew that was broken. Payment given, the blade was remade and a new strength will power the Arncott Pack.

However, Wall of Stone...the tracking party brought the man they found.
Marcus and myself looked at Wall of Stone and the Arncott pack and knew this would spell doom. The Arncott pact would end one day but it was not meant to be this soon. But should Arncott fall now, the repercussions would be graver for many lives. Wall of Stone was lost in his head...he was needed.

I spoke with Wall of Stone his heart, his spirit was broken. The loss of his family heirloom in his ultimate sacrifice was laughed upon by a member of his tribe. Further words were had with his tribe and that undid him. I reminded him of his duties, of his pack...but nothing reached him.

"Do we take him to Her?"

Marcus' idea had merit. If events lead Wall of Stone to this pitiful state perhaps the spirit who fed on strong memories could help him. But there was always a price to pay and for Marcus and I greater still. Taking the pack to a place where only Boneshadows have tred. But ultimately he had to make a choice, another would have to make the sacrifice.

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