MourningShadow's Bones: To know how you lead... by Shandria Katz

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SUMMARY: MourningShadow is a character I play in a live action role play group. The character is a very strange werewolf in the modern day. In this society, w'wolves are recognised by their deeds or stories of events that have occurred. Her tales are recorded on b

She called me...She who mourns for us all...I didn't understand at the time. Perhaps its why She sent Falling Snow to find me. A familiar face to give me strength...a thought for another time.

His name changed since our school days long ago. We barely knew each other but again perhaps that was fortunate...a new beginning. Not too long after another familiar face appeared, one who was a thorn in the headmaster's side. His name changed as well and not so unexpectedly a name of simple meaning...Bane.

When first I came to Ironhammer's territory, it was with broken heart, confusion, sorrow, and strangely yet at peace as the world was righting my perceptions. I was newly born. I was brought to them by Falling Snow who found me in death's embrace and Bane who made sure my rampage was hidden from normal eyes.

Ironhammer examined me, his eyes cold and piercing...assessing what use I could be. I seemed to be a disappointment to begin with. I was no fighter, I was no scout, I was no storyteller...but I had a very good memory, I saw the sides of all conflicts and I had an affinity for the strange and mystical. I was passed to his Ritemaster to learn.

During my tutelage with my mentor, I was a vessel where he poured his knowledge into: Rites, rituals, spirits he faced and knew, agreements made, the odd tale of lore. They had no cahalith. So it came they all told me about old tales and lore that they were taught. I became their lorekeeper for my mind would not forget. My mind could never forget. Even the worst moments of my life still haunt my thoughts as clear as they had just happeend.

Some weeks later, they called us together, Falling Snow, Bane and myself...MourningShadow.

‘It is time you ran together as a pack. Your paths are different from ours, its quite clear. Search for a spirit and sort out who leads." Ironhammer turned and spoke with his irraka having slammed the point home.

"Hell no..." Bane retorted. "I ain't leading anyone. I bust things up, mess em up." It was true, his temper was notorious back in our school days.

Snow shook his head as well. Something had changed him from the boy I vaguely knew. He was getting quieter more reserved.

Their eyes fell upon me. I was too new. I had much to learn compared to them. They were werewolves longer than I. Bane had the blessings of the Full Moon while Snow had the blessings of the Dark Moon. I had the blessings of the Half Moon, half in shadow half in light. I would also stand between them.

"I will balance us, balance the two halves that we are. Perhaps in time you will see the greater potential I see in you both." Bane was a warrior though hot headed, he had charisma that people would follow. Snow was a tracker though quieter, his instincts proved to be a true guide. He had training and the strength to lead where few would go.

"Spoken like an elodoth...Well? Get going already!"

Together we were bound and together we sought out a spirit whose blessing we thought would serve us well. We became siblings of the uratha heart. We knew our strengths and weaknesses.

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