Snakes by Ian Smith

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Go on call a snake a snake. It don't make no diff'rence.

There's lots of snakes in the garden. Some of em even walk on two legs like in the book of Genesee. You can't do nothin about that.

You can walk right up to that snake man and look him in his yeller eyes and say, "you sir, are a snake." He know. He might go hisssss at ya a little bit, but he know he a snake.

And you can yell and holler and tell ev'body bout the snakes that's walkin around. They ain't gon hear ya. They might even laugh at ya. "Are you out of your mind, boy? Ain't no snake that walks like a man 'round here!"

And you can take a snake by his neck and shake him all around. and say, "you a snake! stop perpetratin all them evil deeds thou snake! thou 'bomination!"

All that snake gon do is bite ya with those venomous fangs and go like this... hissssssssssssssssss.

Don' you worry none about them snakes, boy.

Maybe you a snake...