Bute St. Conversation by Ian Smith

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Old Man: hey, have you ever heard that everyone has a twin walking around somewhere?

Young Man: sure, I've heard that.

OM: well, me and my buddy are renovating this building on Brandon Ave. and a guy who lives in the building next door looks just like you.

YM: yeah, you know what's funny is... I live on Brandon Ave.

OM: so you know him?

YM: uh, no I live in that building: 925 Brandon.

OM: no, no that's not it. Hey Marcus!! What's that building number?

Marcus: 913!!

OM: yeah, it's 913. Doesn't he look just like that kid that lives over on Brandon Ave.?

Marcus: ...

YM: you don't understand, I LIVE IN THAT BUILDING. The reason I look like him... is... I am him.

OM: no way.

YM: yes.

OM: so you know the super in that building, the guy who's been having health problems?

YM: oh, the old guy who always wears the green hat?

OM: no, not that guy, he owns the building. The guy who drives a van.

YM: ... I think so. I remember seeing a van parked out back.

OM: yeah, he's not been doing so good. Tell him hi for me.

YM: uh... I will if I see him I guess. Take it easy.

OM: Hey you too buddy. I thought you had a twin...