Apocalypse - The Interview by Dan Bieger

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SUMMARY: tmso's contest had an Apocalypse cover. Not realizing she'd narrowed the category, I wrote this.

The screen depicts the Global News Network (GNN) logo with the sub-title "Apocalypse Now" portrayed in equal point but differing font. GNN is block while Apcalypse Now is Gothic Bold. The background music selection, debated by the entire GNN production staff but ultimately decided upon by the VP-in-charge that day, is the opening bars to Mario Nascimbene's theme for the mid-20th Century movie The Vikings.

Lynx Krieg, GNN Anchorperson: "Good evening, mister and madame viewer. Tonight, GNN is proud to bring you the exclusive, to-be-seen-only-on-GNN interview with God. Coming as it does shortly after The Apocalypse, we are certain you will find it interesting, informative, and entertaining. Conducting the interview will be our own Ous Niegung, GNN's foremost interrogator. The interview will be live from our own studios here on Atlantis. God is expected to answer questions on the the Apocalypse: why now and what does God hope to gain. Here, now, is Ous Niegung."

Krieg's image goes immediately to black to be replaced by Ous Niegung's image. Ous is an older man, mid-fifties, dark hair with a stylish gray appearing at his temples, side-burns, and Van Dyke beard. He wears horn-rimmed glasses, his own statement depending on the fact no one has worn any type of glasses for more than two centuries. He sits in a wing back chair modeled after George II's with faux Walnut claw-and-ball feet and hand rests complementing the silk needlepoint upholstery. Ous spent many hours researching antique furniture before adopting this model. On his left, between Ous' chair and the guest's similar though upholstered with a colorful cotton chair, sits a round, white marble end table. On the table are a matched chalices, copies from another mid-20th century movie.

The camera pans from a close-up of a very serious Niegung to a wide angle shot of both chairs. The guest's chair appears empty.

Niegung: "Good evening, folks. I'm here in our studios with God who has graciously agreed to forsake the normal anonymity and appear live here and now."

Niegung turns to face the guest's chair.

Niegung: "Well, God, we appreciate you taking the time out of your busy eternity and spend a few moments with your people."

God (in a strong contralto voice): "It's nice to be here, Ous."

Niegung: "Let's get right to it, then. Can you tell our audience why you caused the Apocalypse when you did? {Ous reacts to a voice in his ear piece.] And, oh, wait a minute. First, can you make yourself visible? I'm certain the folks at home will appreciate knowing that you're here and this is not some manufactured audio our GNN crew has concocted?""

God [manifesting as a very elderly woman appears in the guest chair. Wispy grey hair, cut at the neck, frames a very dark face blessed with remarkable green eyes. She wears no make-up, a fact the director inquires from his technical crew: Can we jazz that up a bit? He gets a response of "we tried but something ain't working right." God wears a simple shift designed more for comfort than style.] To your question, I can only say that the time was right.

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