A Previously Untold Tale - the Battle for Asgard by David Scholes

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For long millennia the great powers of the Multiverse, the cosmic entities, the gods, and others pondered what might happen if the greatest among them all were to clash. They wondered whether the Multiverse itself might survive a clash between the great Galactus and Allfather Odin.

History has it that in our reality these two true titans never met, yet there are other realities. As close to ours and at the same time more distant than the wildest imaginings. Nor should we ever presume that our own reality is somehow the most important.


In one of these realities, at a time when both titans were a little younger, the devourer of worlds did indeed come a calling on the Allfathers door step.

Yet Asgard is more than Odin and Galactus did not come alone.

The high place of Hlidskalf

Moving at the speed of thought the silver form streaked in high orbit around the Earth and returned whence it came in less than the blink of an eye.

Even so, it was not fast enough to escape the attention of Lord Odin, standing with his young adult, warrior son, in the place from which he can see all things.

Odin: "The Herald of Galactus has discovered Earth; we must presume his master will follow."

Thor: "The earth is under our protection father; surely he would not willingly challenge the power of Asgard."

Odin: "We must never underestimate Galactus my son."

Some time later still at Hlidskalf

Odin, Thor and the Grand Vizier watch the approach of the worldship of Galactus, still several light years distant, with deepening apprehension. They are even briefly able to see inside the great vessel.

Grand Vizier: " He comes then my Lord, there can no longer be any doubt, the event we have all long feared is now almost upon us "

Odin: "Aye Vizier, and as you see, he doth not come alone."

Grand Vizier (shuddering): "The herald we would expect, but that abomination?"

Grand Vizier: "His power rivals yours my lord; can you stop him and prevent the destruction of Earth and Asgard?"

Odin: "In all truth I do not know, never before have I faced his like."

Deep Space the Worldship of Galactus several light years from Earth and Asgard

The gleaming silvery form of Galactus herald, the former Norrin Radd, raced toward Asgard at many times the speed of light.

Lagging not far behind came Galactus himself ensconced within his monstrous star ship, a law unto himself and totally unassailable. If this were not bad enough he was, for reasons unknown, accompanied by his first creation Tyrant.

Suddenly the Silver Surfer's speed slowed almost to a halt and the Worldship did likewise, both slowed by an unseen force.

A massive, if temporary, demonstration of the OdinPower. A huge audio-visual image of Odin, with Thor in the background, appeared before them.

Odin (audio-visual image): "What do you here Mighty Galactus? what business have you on course for Earth and golden Asgard?"

The world devourer left his ship to engage the image of Odin.

Galactus: "I do that which I must, great Odin, nor am I accustomed to having my actions questioned." "What I am, my purpose, the basis for my existence in the Multiverse, is already known to you."

Odin: "This is my first and my final warning to you Galactus cease from your present course and seek sustenance elsewhere or you shall feel the full force of the Odinpower."

Odin (continuing): "You could have chosen any world yet you come to Earth and Asgard and challenge me, I who am the will and the way and the only power capable of stopping you, truly your actions are incomprehensible to me!"

An unimpressed Galactus chose not to continue the communication and the audio-visual image of Odin disappeared.

Galactus and the Silver Surfer joined a similarly unimpressed Tyrant within the worldship.

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