The Visit by David Scholes

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The energy configuration paused from its long inter-stellar journey. A small blue green world caught its attention.

The dominant species were biped, flesh and blood humanoids. Some were at the early stages of a major conflict. A small island of the entities was under attack from a larger continental aggressor.

The energy configuration was quick to appreciate the significance of the conflict. The future of this world would depend upon its outcome. If evil triumphed there would be a long decline into darkness.

Destruction rained from aerial invaders in the skies above the island as it's inhabitants fought for their very existence. The principal defenders of the island were a surprisingly small number of young male humanoids, the flyers of defending aerial craft. Though these few were backed by a vast supporting apparatus. The energy configuration saw that, by the barest thread, the defenders of the island would hold firm and that evil would not triumph at this time. Thus it withheld the prospect of its interference.

The energy configuration stayed in the vicinity of the blue green world for a time as it saw others of the dominant species enter the contestation which became truly global in its scope.

The configuration continued to watch events, still uncertain as to the ultimate outcome of the conflict. The possibility existed that evil might still triumph.

Later in another part of the blue green world, the energy configuration witnessed vast numbers the humanoids and of their armored fighting vehicles and aerial craft engaged in battle. The contestation was in and around a once beautiful city that bore the name of one of the humanoid leaders. The city became a shattered ruin but still the opposing forces fought on amidst the rubble.

The energy configuration knew that the result of the conflict in the great city would determine the future of this world. It prepared to intervene if the need arose. The configuration had considerable experience of confrontation between humanoid types but this struggle was more brutal, more savage, more bitter than anything it had heretofore experienced.

The aggressors attacking the city were themselves surrounded and contained within it by a determined defender. Over time the ambient temperatures in the city dropped to a point that, the configuration knew, was not conducive to human existence. Ground soldiers and armored fighting vehicles of the aggressor from outside the city sought to reach those of it's numbers encircled within. Seeing this to be an undesirable outcome, the energy configuration finally intervened.

From the very edge of space a power, that could just as easily have destroyed a world, hurled massive bolts of energy earthward with absolute precision. Men, ground vehicles and aerial craft all suffered the same fate. Total disintegration. In the semi-steppe country south of the City the aggressors advance, the attempt to relieve their encircled compatriots came to a grinding halt.

Satisfied now as to the outcome of the contestation for the city and the eventual outcome of the broader global conflict, the energy configuration recommenced its long journey.

The name given to the city by its rightful owners would always remain in its memory. Even long after the humanoid race had ceased to exist.