Unwelcome Visitor by David Scholes

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Lake George
Near Canberra, Australia
The near future

They came in low and fast across the dry lake bed. Their sleek, obsidian shapes invisible in the darkness.

Eight of them in all. The latest model, special issue, totally silent, maglev intruders of the anti-alien unit of the Australian Federal police.

Accompanying these super slick vehicles were four latest generation heavy duty magcycles. Above them two of the new "whisper" heavy helos. One police, one army.

It was a police operation but with the usual army back up.

With no apparent slowing the vehicles continued up the hill from the lake bed and on to the grounds of the impressive residence overlooking the southern reaches of the lake.

The first the occupants of that residence knew of the intrusion was a computer alert a few seconds before an unnecessarily heavy, 5am knock at the door.

Amelia had been head of surgery in Sydney's largest hospital. She moved here for a quieter life as the civil liberties began visibly eroding. She wasn't at all happy to have been woken by the police and, unlike most citizenry, she let them know it.

"We are taking over your house and land" announced the mean looking copper "anti-alien matters" he added perfunctorily, "for a few hours or however long it takes."

The maglev intruders and magcycles deployed to the best vantage points overlooking the lake bed, while some police entered the residence.

As Amelia and her young son were rudely escorted away she saw the officers were wearing light armor. Then she heard a low rumbling sound.

The monstrosity came in from the back access road. Literally chewing it up in the process.

She thought it might be an alien device but then saw that the police seemed in control of it. It was too big and too heavy to come in across the lake bed. Too heavy even for magnetic levitation. Instead the dark cumbersome vehicle sat atop a battery of huge old fashioned conventional truck tires.

Amelia and her son were just being placed in one of the maglev intruder vehicles when she heard excited cries from a number of the constabulary. "It's coming early" she thought she heard someone yell.

With her single escort distracted she and her son managed to break away and ran towards a nearby shed.

Perhaps another person might have been happy to be escorted away, but not Amelia. She had no love for modern law enforcement. Especially not the anti-alien unit. Things were going on now that ordinary people had stopped even whispering about. She wanted to see what was going on here. Some part of her secretly wanted to see the anti-alien police officers get their arses roundly kicked. Though she knew they did ultimately protect Earth.

It was just that these days the policy seemed to be a "one size fits all". Every alien was automatically an enemy. However they came to be here. To the very few still old enough it was a reminder of an extreme version of the anti-communism in the 1950's.


Out above the lake bed, with dawn just approaching, the air itself seemed to solidify, then rip apart as if someone had punched a hole through many thicknesses of burning different colored pieces of paper.

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