Chapter One- The Godless Land by Micheal Ikeson

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SUMMARY: Jakye meets with Orkus.

The Godless Land


Chapter One

People would die this day, but at the moment, the day could care less. The wind blew with mindless randomness and the trees still stood tall. If nature knew what Jakye knew, then the trees would cower from the sun, seeking a desperate end before the coming of night.

He strode through the forest, the intertwining vine on the ground and the branches parted way as if the plants feared to touch him. The conscious effort of nature reminded him that he was powerful, yes, but the land was mightier still. The woods were empty of life, as they usually were when a creature, such as Jakye, came near.
The trees were tall enough to cast the ground into shadow, but were not enough to keep Jakye from sweating profusely. He snarled and wiped sweat from his forehead. He glared up at the
surrounding trees in accusation.

The forest vanished as if acknowledging his hate. In the clearing, a demon stood.
Orkus, one of the eight Demon Lords, smiled, his overgrown fangs gleaming in the blinding sunlight. "You took your time, demigod. Your disrespect is amusing..."

"I am late, not from disrespect, only hindrance." He swiped at foolish insects that flew too close.

"Come now, you know nature avoids as many fights as it can! If you need proof, just look around."

He did so and discovered dozens of scorched stumps. "You made this clearing? You fool. The land has its ways to fight back, perhaps you have forgotten."
The demon's scaly face blanched.

Jakye continued, "Anyway, we are not here to create a forest fire,"

"Yes, there are other matters," Orkus hissed. "Why would you betray your own people? What will you gain?"

"We may have all been created by the Makers, but that does not make them my people." The demigod paused. "As to what I wish to gain, well that is none of your business. Do we have a deal or not?"

"There is also a matter of... trust."

Jakye tapped his foot impatiently. He met the infernal eyes without as much as a blink. "What is there to trust? I will be the figurehead and you will back me when I need you. If anything, I should be questioning whether I can rely on you or not."

"You know you can trust me," the demon growled.

"Oh yea, the other Lords, what do you think they will do if they know you are conspiring with a human?"

The demon's eyes narrowed on his. "And what would your fellow demigods do if they realize your corruptive nature?"

"They could never unite against me," Jakye said easily. "They are too few and scattered, and besides, I am the strongest. It would take at least two of them to squash my schemes."

"And then the end of our dreams..."

"No," he corrected, "then that would be the time for you to intervene."

The Demon Lord eyed the forest. The fiery fur on demon's back blazed orange. "A human is approaching the clearing."

"Hmm..." Jakye wondered who it might be, probably Val, or maybe Tag. The two brothers were nearly equal to him and of course, there was Rhen or Somul, but both had followers and Orkus had said a human, not hundreds.

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