Chapter One- Rise of Darkness Tides by Micheal Ikeson

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SUMMARY: Introduction to Einherjar

Chapter One
Sixth Age Year 1997

The milling masses of dirty convicts suffocated the wide antechamber. Even the thunderous drone of harsh voices could not diminish Einherjar's tranquility. Snide comments about him were heard as he strode nearer to the Observation Room. No one would cause trouble, despite their words; anyone who did would have to withstand the wrath of the Warden. Plenty of troublesome convicts have disappeared while visiting the Warden.

Einherjar peered around, searching... until he felt something brush his shoulder. In a flurry of motion, Einherjar spun, ducking low preparing to strike... A man with golden skin stood before him. Einherjar's gaze immediately jumped to his eyes, one was green, the other red. His red eye gifted him with the nickname Redeye.

Einherjar clasped the man's hand, "If you do that again, I'll kill you."

Redeye smirked. "I'm sure...." He pointed behind Einherjar. "Look whose coming."

Two prisoners, a woman and man, were striding purposefully toward him. Fortunately Einherjar recognized both figures. He glanced questioningly at Redeye, who shrugged an answer. The woman's name was Swift and most likely was the biggest slut in Immordien. Einherjar smiled, remember the few, but pleasing moments they had shared. Her companion, an old man named Raggs couldn't have been more parallel from the lusty beauty of Swift. Raggs was a shy, tiny man. The old man, when distract, failed to hide the shrewd glimmer in his eyes. Why was the pair together? More importantly, what did they want with him or Redeye?

Swift stopped inches away from Einherjar and glared up at him. "You're in it deep, Traitor," she hissed.

"The Warden will find out!" Raggs piped up beside her.

Einherjar nearly swallowed his tongue. "Shut up, old man!" He growled. He sighed. "Who do I have to kill, Swift?" Raggs bristled with indignation at being ignored.

Swift paused, her head swiveling from Redeye to Einherjar. Her gaze was incomprehensible. "So, Redeye doesn't know." Her voice lowered dramatically, forcing him to lower his head to hear. "There are rumors going around that you plan to escape!"

Einherjar was jolted back a step. How could anyone know? His mind reeled with the implications. "Who...." He began, but was interrupted by Redeye.

"Were you planning on telling us, or were you going to sneak off at midnight?"

"Of course not!" Einherjar stammered.

Swift's eyes glinted in amusement. "Then why haven't you told us!"

Einherjar drew himself up. "I was going to tell you. In fact, I wanted you all to come with me." The statement was true of course, except that he had planned only to bring Redeye.

Raggs refused to be forgotten. "What will you do when you're free?" He said anxiously.

Einherjar glared at the old man. "If you think that I want revenge, then you are wrong." He paused. "Even if I did want revenge, it's impossible to exact it against one billion people!" He sighed. "Being labeled a traitor isn't so bad...."
Redeye snorted. "Quit being so bitter! Your crime was nothing more than being young and na´ve."

"Everyone knows that," Raggs added.

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