Prologue: The Nothing War by Micheal Ikeson

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SUMMARY: The End of the Dragonspawn Civil War

End of the Dragonspawn Civil War
Sixth Age Year 1998
Battle at Homiel

Immortal blood poured from the sky and the distant roar of dragons made his soul shudder and stir with foreboding. A moment of scrambling and flinching at thunderous collisions surrounding him and he found her. Today she chose to have dark hair and matching eyes, reflecting her mood coming into this battle. Her delicate face was covered in dry blood. With a scowl Quinzin discovered a cut on the top of her head. Fortunately the cut wasn't deep, she would live. He ripped a piece of clothe from his pants and wrapped her cut. He could cleanse the wound later.

Homiel was alight, the city's towers blazing and crumbling. The battle had begun as an onslaught of technology: high energy beams, smart bombs, and monstrous, clunking machines dominating the battlefield. That was until some fool began flinging magic around. Things got messy afterward. Caira unleashed her power and began to devastate the terrorist, or simply anything around them that moved. Quinzin protected her from any warrior with enough balls to attempt to slip pass her guard. Despite all his efforts, something pushed its way through.

Quinzin gnashed his teeth; he would have to stand guard over Caira until she came around. She was important to the cause and more importantly, she was precious to him. She was the only person he could trust.

Quinzin blinked. A pair had begun approaching him. Quinzin smirked, rolled his shoulders, and casually drew out two fifteen-inch teeth he used for knives from his waist. He glanced at the place where Caira slept, then strolled forward to meet them. The pair consisted of one male and female, both of a race that he didn't recognize. The man was slender and very tall, at least five feet taller than Quinzin. The giant had striking red hair with silver streaks and purple eyes. This massive man had to be a foreigner. The woman was even more alien, being slightly taller than Quinzin, but with green skin. She had blue eyes and hair. She also had swirling tattoos marked across her face, neck and shoulders. Despite her strange attributes and barbaric tattoos Quinzin noted her beauty. She stopped approaching at about one-hundred meters, but the man continued advancing.

The foreigner halted ten meters away. Quinzin glared at the redhead for a moment and then, without warning, charged forward. The red-haired man struck first, seeking to crush Quinzin's chest, but he fluently slithered away. He backpedaled and repositioned himself approximately twenty meters from where the foreigner remained. Quinzin nodded respectfully, the giant was fairly fast, but lacked sufficient agility.

Quinzin faltered deceptively, and then launched his dagger with the utmost force. In an instant, Quinzin materialized in front of the redhead and actually struck before the knife he threw. Quinzin's knife shattered when it connected man's ribs. Simultaneously the other knife flew into his opponent's shoulder, but merely bounced off. Quinzin immediately leapt inside the man's defenses preparing to crush his throat.

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