TRESHOLD by Namik Baris IDIL

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The man with a part of his hairs undulating in the wind, the other part stacked on his head was trying to not panic.
Event that her black short hairs not longer than her shoulder were sodden in the lake of blood in which she was laying, the women who has not lost anything from her beauty was breathing chesty.
"Beth, stay with me!" The sharp shaped face of the man was wrinkled with care and his eyes were straight looking into the closed eyes of the women who was laid on ground before him.
The eyes of the women were slightly opened partway with the last word getting out of the mouth of the man, after the eye lids were opened until her middle size deep blue eyes were almost seen in whole.
The man was thrilled when he saw that the eyes of a splendid beauty of the woman were looking at him.
"Yes!" shouted while he was trying to command the wobble from his voice. "Just like this Beth, do not close your eyes." He stands and he looked for a time in her eyes which were of a so terrible deep blue.
"Do not do it..."
The woman called Beth who was lying in bloods on the weeds tried to say something; but just a few grunts got out from her meaty lips.
"Do not speak Beth, don't shagging yourself trying to speak." The feckless smile which the man put on his face to inspire some confidence was got pale when his eyes were fixed on the mixed red and white but mostly red thing which was in the neck of the woman.
"We must change the band" said him slightly touching the bloody tourniquet.
The blue eyes of the woman were closed with pain for a second when the man touched and a grunt comes out from the throat of the women. Her hand with not dyed but beautiful and shiny nails even of such mud and blood grabs the arm of the man.
"Go away here," whispered the beautiful woman showing a superhuman effort. 'Go away and save yourself. Her breast was shaken and she had a chough.
"They will come again," she said as permitted by the blood slightly leaking from her mouth.
The man catch slacken and soften hand with beautiful nails of the woman that grabbed slinky his arm and put her hand with his hand on his arm. If he had to take in consideration the situation in which they were in a strangely way touching the hand of the women was giving to him a hardly to explain power.
"You are talking nonsense," said the man. Perhaps you don't think that I will leave you here? I have said you that I will never let you here." He stood for a second. "Also..." He remained silent without completing his word.
The woman was looking at man with her irresistible eyes. The front of the lucky black dress which strap the body of the women that was beautiful enough to make jealous a goddess, delicate enough to marvel a mermaid and shaped enough to enamour an architect was fluctuating irregular and her other hand which the man wasn't keeping was standing deed on the bloody grass where the women was supine.
The man who stood a while with his eyes locked into the eyes of the women has startled with a cranking heard near their behind and his hand has reached to the jack knife from his pocket.

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