Stories by Author - C

Call, Jordan
No Title (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Campbell, Katherine
Undecided - Chap 1 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Camsell, Ross
Magi Nigri, Chapter 2 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Insanity (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Magi Nigri, Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
Chapter III - Corruption (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Magi Nigri, Prologue 1. (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Canp, Emcaw
King Ahsonskee- Chapter Three (Fantasy)
King Ahsonskee- Chapter Four (Fantasy)
King Ahsonskee- Chapter Two (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
King Ahsonskee- Chapter One (Fantasy)  (11 ratings)
Carentz, Frank
The Rebirth (Science Fiction)  (9 ratings)
H.E. The Turning (2. Fall of the Dark Father) (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Spiral of Tortaurus (Chapter I) (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
A Tale from Desolation (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
H.E. The Turning (1. Birth of Tortaurus) (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
H.E. The Ortus (A Prologue) (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
Harrowed Earth: Distant Memories (Science Fiction)  (6 ratings)
Spiral of Tortaurus (Chapter II) (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Carpenter, Michael
FIRSTWORLD: The Premise (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Carrow, Archie
101(2) (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Cassano, Ryan
Toris Journal, End Cycle 1 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Toris Journal Excerpt, Date Unknown (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Cave, John
Out Of The Cold (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
A Job Well Done! (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
A Heck Of A long Journey! (Science Fiction)  (10 ratings)
The Return Of The Aluvians (Out Of The Cold II) (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Cawood, Matt
Demons (Horror)  (18 ratings)
Celine, Jo
2020 chap.4 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
2020 Chap. 2 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
The Colonists (new) (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
2020 Chap 1 (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
2020 Chap.3 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Cheshire, Ryan
The Real Problem (Fantasy)
Chilensky, Ray
Age of Shadow (Fantasy)  (8 ratings)
Age of Shadow: Bonds of Blood (Fantasy)  (10 ratings)
Chum, Allen
Cold Blood, Warm Heart (Fantasy)  (7 ratings)
Churchill, Lewis
amongst the unkown please comment my first story (Other)  (8 ratings)
my thoughts (Other)  (5 ratings)
my thoughts 2 (Other)  (1 rating)
Cladingboel, Neil
Anomaly (Fantasy)  (7 ratings)
Fuel Cells (Science Fiction)  (29 ratings)
Ghost of Elysium (Fantasy)  (55 ratings)
Clark, Kevin
Dawn Day - Intro / Preface (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Dawn Day - Chapter 1 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Dawn Day - Chapter 3 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Dawn Day (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Dawn Day - Chapter 2 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Clark, Kevin W.
The Earth's Rotation (Fantasy)  (7 ratings)
Clark, LaTricia
WIP (Fantasy)  (11 ratings)
Clark, Michael
Bigfoot: Digital Evidence Revealed in 3D (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Clarke, Chris
Checkmate (Other)
Clarke , J.R.
The Heart Of Patriots A Tale Of Two Americans (Other)  (5 ratings)
Clarke, Wayne Edward
Blessings Of A Curse - 2012 USA Edition - chunk 03 (Fantasy)
Blessings Of A Curse - 2012 USA Edition - chunk 06 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Blessings Of A Curse - 2012 USA Edition - chunk 01 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Blessings Of A Curse - 2012 USA Edition - chunk 05 (Fantasy)
Blessings Of A Curse - 2012 USA Edition - chunk 04 (Fantasy)
Blessings Of A Curse - 2012 USA Edition - chunk 07 (Fantasy)
Blessings Of A Curse - 2012 USA Edition - chunk 02 (Fantasy)
Clayton, Lezetta
Living With A Disability (Other)  (9 ratings)
My Dream Man (Fantasy)  (15 ratings)
Door to Pain (Other)  (11 ratings)
Cloutier, Terry
The Demon Inside: The Zone War Trilogy, Book 1 (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
Cobb, Captain
Naicisum: first few alineas (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Cogan, Craig
Humbert (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Agents of Chaos (Horror)  (4 ratings)
Colvin, Bryn
The Unquiet Clay (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
Cook, T. J.
The Story Of Bullsnake Jones (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Cooper, Brian
The Chase (or Follow Me and We Shall See) (Other)  (3 ratings)
Cooper, Peter
Distant Echoes - Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (11 ratings)
As the Draxn Flies - A Prologue (Fantasy)  (21 ratings)
Copeland, Stuart
waiting to go out (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Dr.Lovecrafts magic circus (Other)  (1 rating)
Corbett, Lenny
Settled (Fantasy)
Josh and the Dagger (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Cotterill, Liam
Grungi the Mad (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
The Winding Way (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Sanctuary of the Moon (Other)  (2 ratings)
The Shadow Walker Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Crook, Sarah
Alabay (Other)  (14 ratings)
Crooks, James
The Journey of an Hour (Other)  (2 ratings)
Crosland, Paul
Eternal Dawn: Coming of the Blessed (Chapter 1: The Calling) (Fantasy)
Cross, Karl
Memento mori. or You are mortal (Other)  (4 ratings)
Dead tunes, (Other)
The angels hunt (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
The suits. (Other)  (2 ratings)
Cryer, Josh
Transtransport (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Transforming Transreality (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Crystalwizard, .
The Gazebo (Other)
Lulu-Bell and the One That Got Away (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
The Forest Friends and the Ogress (Fantasy)
Wizard's Bane - Chapter 24 (Fantasy)
The Sculpter (Other)  (2 ratings)
It's Time (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
The Furies (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Wizard's Bane - Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Sneak Attack (Fantasy)
Lulu-Bell and the Great Bar-b-Que (Other)  (3 ratings)
Cummings, Terry
Housemates (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
The angel (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Claret, asprin and mistletoe (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The end (Other)  (3 ratings)
Night and Day (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
The train (Horror)  (3 ratings)
The Plutonian (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
After (Other - Romance)  (1 rating)
Lost (Horror)  (4 ratings)
Gods back yard (Fantasy)
The night had dawned (Other - Romance)  (1 rating)
Good Vibrations (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Rush (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)