What You Meant by Jason Damman

She's upset, yet I feel worse.
I don't know what to say to make this pain go away.
It's hurt me that she does no longer care...
It hurts me that she'll no longer be there.

If only she knew how sorry I was for this,
I want her to know our relationship meant a lot to me.
Sometimes I got angry, sometimes we both got mad.
But I thought we would get through it, this is making me so sad.

I never really deserved her, I always took what I had for granted,
I thought she'd always be there for me but this has proven me wrong.
If she only gave me just one more chance, she'd see how much she really means.
I feel like my life is now worthless, now that she isn't here.

She was one of my very best friends, a person I cared about so much...
Now I guess it's over and all I have left is a broken heart.
I know I deserve it and she definately deserves better...
But I don't want to say goodbye now, thats why I've written this letter.

I want her to see how regretful I am,
I want her to see that I can change it all, be a better man.
Because I know for a fact that I don't want to lose her,
Thats the last thing I want.

But now I feel I'm all out of chances, I've now lost my best girlfriend...
I took that relationship for granted, and now it has a hurtful end.

Note: This was written through tough times. My girlfriend and I are still together and very happy.

By Jason Damman.
Copyright 2004.

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