Angels by Michael Deboysere

Fires of hell,
burning through night and day.
When angels come too close,
they will be led astray.

Then the devil comes out his lair,
as a spider to its web.
He turns those angels of God,
into Angels of Death.

When they go to the shadows,
hunting for lost souls.
To compete against each other,
is one of their goals.

Slaughtering people for fun,
that is what they do.
They will boil them , mash them,
stick them in a stu.

Killed humans become angels of God,
as long as day and night.
They battle each other for the earth,
in a neverending fight.

It will never be decided,
it's not just a coin toss.
But it's something that has to subsist,
that struggle for a greater cause.

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