Sci-Fi Convention: Bikini Contestant #1 by Silk Dagger

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Hello friend, welcome to our convention
the Trek area is to your left,
the Galactica booths are in the back,
the pocket protector, and taped nerd glasses,
are on sale behind you.

Center stage is a new feature, hmm, hmm, hmm,
we hope you like it, friend.

A catwalk sauters out, strobe and lasers pulse and illuminate, music coarses and pounds through the air,
the time has come,

Our first contestant is Kara, welcome her body to the catwalk, the stage sea parts as Kara makes her take-off.

Standing tall, with long lime on lime green hair, pale cream skin, ultra-violet eyes that cut and seduce, and one explosive body
the body of a goddess, wearing a shiny black latex strap barely covering her large breasts, and a matching thong up her toned astro-riffic rear,

Kara is wearing the latest in futristic and sci-fi-riffic swim wear. Give her a round of applause as she stalks and turns and soars back off stage to your heart's break and dissappointment.

Refreshments are in the back, the next contestant is coming up in moments.

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