Blank Book by Tari Xalyr

You lay there, daring me to open you.
Would i dare disrupt the power you with hold?
I would and i did.
I accept your dare, i say
My hands grab at your protective black coat
Tearing it open.
The black coat flops easily down,
Resting on the grass beside you.
But you are empty. no power do you with hold.
Instead you place before me another dare.
A challenge.
I hesitate before pickig up the pen.
You tease. You play.
You bring about your own end.
Ink tears at you heart, as i graffitti your soul.
You ravish the pain. Embrace it.


The pain withdraws to it's master
You heave a grateful sigh of relief
As I ease back on your protective black coat.
And there you lay.
For the power has consumed you unto your end.

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