Internal by Micah Watkins

a poem by Micah Watkins

Never know what lies behind the corners
Don't realize the meaning of these morners
Can't i see my face on the stone
My name defacing and alone
All the demons laughing at the hill
All the good i've done seems nothing still
Discgrace seeps from every pore
Shame now is oddly the only cure
What has my pride done to love?
Or maybe my love gave the final shove
Where my body lands is never my choice
But where i stand is where i rejoice
All my deeds i cannot erase
So what's done is done to seal my fate
All my needs, He holds tight
And are the prize for the battle tonight
So, let him open His hand to reveal
What i'm fighting for you can't steal
You keep swinging, but hitting only air
I'm sorry to say this fight really isn't fare
The issue is i've already won
You see, i'm not the one in the ring, but the only Son

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