God's Blood Brother by Michael de Waal-Montgomery

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Desolate are the plains I walk, for each predict my path
Heavy are the boots I wear, plagued with shards of glass
Lonely is the soul in me, untended by another
But without a care I journey on
For I am Godís blood brother.

Destruction fills the innocent mind, corruption is the symptom
Insanity just another branch, a distorted form of wisdom
I knock aloud on Heavenís door, expecting no reply
And when it comes I journey on
Soaked in blood-red sky.

The call of death it frightens me, my body growing old
The only one I ever loved, to death is finally sold
The clock determines my time here, but the clock is just a hoax
So like a King I journey on
Wrapped in shameful robes

I cannot share the things I know, the things Iíve often seen
To find the truth and fight the lies, you must undo the dream
The Universe once fell upon you, a fragment of another
But without a care you journeyed on
For you are Godís Blood Brother.