Sorrow by Nenad Djukanovic

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For there is not a reason nor the fact that can move me from this azure dark
Shapes that change their sterile face are nothing more then my own bane
Hoping soul still breathes, slow though, but alive it is
Whispers of despair make me angry, they make me mad, ohh i can barely choose my fate
My hysteric smile is cursed voice, I did kill with words you know
I did harm the only love of mine,
She had died on my grave with black rose in her hair,

Oblivion is my humble home, Iím tied to walk this path alone
I thought the lights could lead me trough, bat eternal night denies my eyes
In pit of fear you'l find my heart, in smaragd stone my soul is trapped
My black eyes are the worthless jewels
And all my beauty remains unused.