Place of love by Richard Stein

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The wind gently caresses the sobbing trees,
The trees are sad, very sad, with which they lay there strong arms downward.
For brothers in a peaceful religion act in un-peaceful ways, but all not bad.
The lake that beautiful lake.
I sit here I know peace and tranquility, at this one moment in time.
The blanket of water which echo’s out the glistening feel of heaven.
From the heavenly lake comes a plethora of wondrous feelings and emotions.
Next to the lake is my garden of Eden. I come here to get away from it all.
Here is where I first experience the feeling of true togetherness.
It has only been two years, but I feel as if I was born here.
That without this place of homeliness I would be none but another face.
As I sit here in front of the lake of heaven next to the garden Eden,
I remember all good times I had here.
For the first time I picked up a guitar was here.
The first time I called somebody my brother, who I only new for 3 days was here,
And the first time I said goodbye to people I worshiped so much was here.
I love this place and I will cry when I have to say goodbye.