Addition To The Screamers Choir by Tia Voth

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My room, my room, my deep dark room,
where even the sinister fear their doom.
Oh my room! I get off on my biggest desire;
Only noises you hear come from the screamers choir.
This is where I bring people who have been bad,
should have known better than to make me mad.

Oh my dear friend let me sing you a song;
don't put up a fight since you won't be living long.

You see these nails, why don't you watch them shine?
I'll let you see before I bury them into your spine.
Don't worry I won't let you become numb,
I want you to feel everything that is to come.
No this isn't torture, stop your pitiful howls...
I guess you'll be another addition to the choir with your growls.

Don't you dare shut those pretty little eyes,
I'd hate to cut off the lids, I don't like to improvise.

What should I do next; what is it that you fear?
The knife!? What a great idea my darling dear!
I have a small fetish of watching a blade glide,
freeing all the blood that is held inside.
That small flutter that is deep within your breast,
Is your heart slowing falling into cardiac arrest.

I guess we can say we are done for today,
but no worries tomorrow we'll bleed the day away.