Depression Is a Poison by Tia Voth

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It could be that I'm seen as crazy,
Letting this get the very best of me.
I can not come to you ever though,
Since your life is too perfect to comprehend.

This blood that is bleeding is affecting you,
Even though it is through my body that bleeds.
Why could my heart not stop me sooner,
So I knew you're the one who I count on.

Accepting apologies generously,
From someone who is as fucked up as me,
I should have remembered you were my best friend.
I'll getting better because I have you too lean on.

Wishing that this was more than just a phase though,
Something that was a one time thing.
Before I will slip into another depression,
Remember I love you, and I thank you, because...

Like a poison entering my body like a drug,
I feel the bubbling emotions creep up my arm.
I don't realize I need the help until it's too late,
Until there is blood staining my body.