Soul Speak pt. II by B. Rocha

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Fear passes through her very being.
Fierce, fiery eyes bore deep within her soul.
Instinct screams. Ears left ringing.
Celestial drums synch alone two souls within the forest whole.

'This cannot be! These thoughts must fade away!
He is only supposed to be a creature of lore.
Yet, so handsome is he,' her eyes would not stray.
'So dangerous is he,' yet this made her want him more.


He closes in, halting one foot away,
His far superior nose devouring her scent.
His midnight wings flex, a message to convey.
'For a human, her scent is rather decadent…'

Smiling deviously at this thought amusing,
He gently pushes back a strand of her hair.
'So many human emotions, each one so confusing
Though to choose mortality for eternal love is more than fair.

Love is forbidden, for those of his realm to know.
"To keep, guard, and protect the human race,"
That is their status quo.
Then she came along, creating a change of pace…

Visited by the one in charge, with orders from the King of Kings.
"Go to their realm immediately, seek her out.
You are the one to whom her heart-song sings.
Marriage is a must, immortality is out."


As his hand brushed back a lock of her hair,
She intuitively knew 'he is the one.'
If anything were to happen, either here or there,
She knew he would be the one, to whom she'd run.

Her lips then gently brushed against his.
They kissed, then kissed passionately more.