Elohim's Light by James Petersen

Elohim's Light,
which shines forth from the darkness,
the living light, the light that created
all that was, all that is, and all that
will be, by the power of HIS might.

Elohim's light,
The living Torah light, who came to set
captives free, from the darkness of the night
the light so bright, that shined on Moses'
face as he came down from Sinai.

Elohim's light,
Shekeina light, which leads men from
darkness of satan's might,

Elohim's light, YESHUA light, "Ha Or Elohim"
His image so white with Moses and Elijah
on the mountain side.

Elohim's light, Eternal light, a light for
ever, and a for-ever life.

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