A Snapshot of My Life by Daniel Kore

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People tell me a lot of things but I beg to differ
Iím not perfect, I have too many flaws
Since youíre special, you have all my attention
Fearing to give you the wrong impression
I have decided to ink my confession

Chapter one: Intro
Born as a Scorpio, I embody most of its traits
Believe in God, so much that I got a tattoo of his portrait
Loyal to friends, family and loved ones
You can count on me to always have your back
Although I wanted to be a pilot and a lawyer growing up
God had given me the opportunity to do whatever I want
For that I am thankful, grateful and feel blessed
Because at times my goals and vision have been blurred
But yet I am a Scorpio, allergic to giving up without a fight
Now I see my hard work taking flight

Chapter two: Past relationship
Once there was a person that made me happy
Made me feel special and exceptional as one can be
Gave her my heart and everything she asked for
Only to get it back torn, left alone to explore
Caught off guard, feeling depressed
Needing help, I turned to God
Not only did he wipe off my pain
But he sent you my way, and here I am; born again.

Chapter three: New Beginning
The last thing I want is to pretend that I have everything figured out
I donít, but am working on it
My dream to become successful, not just monetarily
But mentally, with love and happiness surrounding me
Especially you, the girl of my dreams
The one that has the power to put my heart at ease
You gave my ex a nightmare
She woke up while I was sitting on a chair
Tears in her eyes while I tried to comfort her
Told me how she saw us getting married
In her dreams that is
And many more came out talking
How they knew that you and I had a connection
That was obvious to an outside world, one that is so deep
My heart told me you are the one that I need to keep
No matter how long it takes to get your heart
I will patiently wait because YOU are a work of art.