Last night by Daniel Kore

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She came out looking confused
Where I had parked
Was hard to find
Called once, I flashed my lights
She opened the door and sat inside
Gave me a hug, then I noticed
Her hair was wet like she washed it minutes ago
Then I sensed.. felt.. heard something, like an echo
Soon as I asked what was wrong
With the problem she didnít go along
She touched it on the surface
But there was more to it than just what she said
Then there I was sitting
Like a person, one who was blind
Clueless I was in trying to find her state of mind
Then there I was fantasizing
If I had power for a minute..
To reach out my long arms and capture her heart
Tear all the agony and set it apart
Free it all from all this stress and tension
And fill it up with happiness
Then see your beautiful smile and finesse
Your beautiful smile brings a smile onto others