A Love Lost, a Love Found by Daniel Kore

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Listen, to the beat of my heart
The pounding sound that you've brought
The butterfly feelings that I get in my stomach
It is an experience that I never had

Hear, to my thoughts when I pray
Listen, to the words that I say
Iím not a player, nor do I like to play
I just hope that you are here to stay

My words are genuine, it comes from my heart
I had a crush on you and liked you from the very start
Listen, to what I say and everything that I tell you
I wouldnít waste my time if all this wasnít true

God sent me an angel
A painting so beautiful
Whose smile is so bright
gives me joy, day and night

My heart has been broken
Crippled, now itís brittle
For this reason, I have no intention
Going through the same direction
But I hope you are different..NO!!

I KNOW you are different, unique in every way
Youíre like the blue sky when everyone else is grey
Youíre beautiful in every sense
You heart and brain seem passionate, yet intense
It feels like they are guarded with an immense fence

You have put your mark in my heart a decade ago
A kiss, crush, and memory I couldnít let go
I donít know if this is meant to happen
Cause after 10 years you surfaced right back again
They say everything happens for a reason
But then again I might be mistaken
As feelings change just like the season

But one thing I know for sure
Learned a lot, I have matured
Experienced relationship from top to bottom
But my love has yet to blossom