Send me to the bridge by Carin Marais

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Send me to the bridge
While my men their weapons gather
Send me to the bridge
With the Angles marching hither.

The wood of spears that flow like a river
Flows to me where I stand above the water.
The wood of spears alight in the sun
And blinds me where I stand above the water.

To the Bridge of Stamford we have marched
Our days weary with the sun of an unknown land
For our king we came across the sea and marched
To meet our doom in an unknown land.

Send me to stand upon the bridge
While the others their weapons ready,
Let the sword of fate send each
Man to his doom upon the bridge.

My brother is waiting behind me,
My mother is at home,
My wife and only daughter left
Behind so I may see Valhalla soon.

Send me to the bridge to fall
Upon the wood so dark and cold
And let me gaze upon the river
And the faces of those that I take with me.

Carry me from the bridge,
Nameless I have fallen,
Bury me unmarked and unknown
Nameless known I will be still,
Nameless known while ages pass,
Nameless known after my bones be dust.