Shadows in the Night by Guadalupe Gonzales II

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Driving through dark haunting streets and alleys as I scour the shadows of the night where trafficking abounds and stealth-clad nymphs parade beneath the probing moon to glean their nightly hosts and quench their wretched pangs,

And while I muse transfixed upon the muscled shadows who await like ghostly silhouettes for those who pay the fare to feast and gorge upon their manly treats, in this must need be prudent most for over-zealous troopers hide in wait, to snare and trap and cuff with unspoken indignity those who venture into their device,

But most treacherous yet, peace impersonators who mask a smile to tranquilize these outcasts while shrouding evil deeds, unknown but to the badged who relent for now, and see not naught but cloak the heaviness of the deed at hand,

Bodies faces thrown against the brick and street, blood and tears now greet the smile the face betrayed that was but is no more, exuberant cadres stand aloft above their nightly prey who lay prostrate and defenseless, for time has stopped on these now shackled here who could not flee the brutal act usurped upon their liberty, unseen but to the waning moon afar who bears witness to the heinous deed,

But life goes on and unto those not wronged by time or place for now, but flee into the deep of night as ghosts unseen, to dread and wait until the never ending wont returns again.......... and, while in flight and state of mind to bid good night the beckon calls the more, and so I think, but just this once and then adieu....... and drive and drive into the night.......