one year, no fear by Michael Deboysere

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How bright the day can be
So dark the night becomes
the person in dark was me
you the one with radiant thumbs

your light shining through
even if i just saw a glimps
it was stuck to me like glue
even if i would lose limbs

Girl, you got me stricken on love
i only got eyes for your beauty
for you i'd reach for the stars above
i made loving you my only duty

we are now together for almoast a year
and still i love you more and more
you are all i hold dear
and we will overcome hazards like before

exes try, exes want, others to want to have you
you are mine , they cannot have my girl
they regret the time they were stupid to do
now my love overcomes them with only one hurl

you rock my heart, town and world
safe right inside my arms
our first kiss , then i twirled
seduced by your charms

this poem is not the best there is
i am no Edgar Allan Poe
nor i try to be, because this is for my miss
this is the real love i feel, and no show.