Blindness of a Grown by Nenad Djukanovic

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I am looking there
I really do
I just donít see
The mystic mists in the open blue
The eyes you spoke of, the poems of the trees
Nor i see nor i hear.
Tell me child
Are you mocking me?

Oh, you grown piece of stone
Donít you hear the secret words
Donít you know, don't you see
There is endless sea of beauty
Just in front...

Do you dream still
My little all
Have you fallen in a cloudy sleep,
There is nothing amiss the nightie void
Just an empty kingdom of gloomy dance
Just shadows in unsteady stance

Bah ... i will never grow
To become blind
Oh no, i never will
I will stay as small as i am
Iíll play the forever game
Entire everything is just a hand-reach away
And yet you don't care

Oh, my little all
Let me carry you to your bed
Tomorrow you will tell me more
Maybe i will learn to gaze beyond
This world of grown