Bitter Charcoal On A Porcelain White Sea by Liam Whan

Bitter coal on a porcelain sea

They are screaming at her
They are disgusted
They are the serpent and she is eve

But she can barely make them out
She is clouded by nausea,
They follow her into the garden and spit on her as she vomits into the dry grass

She turns to run but they are on every side
“You’ve ended innocent life my child,”
“You are damned for eternity,”

Bitter charcoal in a porcelain sea

She gets in her car
They are slamming their signs against her fenders
Holding up crosses,

She weeps
For the baby
She weeps
For herself

She closes her eyes
But all she can see are bold black letters on clean white signs

Bitter charcoal on a porcelain sea

She lifts her head and dries her eyes
Sure she could apologise
But then who the fuck are they
Their shining white signs, and golden crosses

Its wasn’t their body ensnared,
There is no vomit in their hair
It wasn’t them scraped out, gutted like a fucken fish

Bitter charcoal on a porcelain white sea

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