Life and Death by Joe Dees

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I wish to speak of life and death
Not with concepts, a clumsy mode
Of communication at best
But through feelings and emotions
These we all understand the same

Life is a starving infant
Crying unheard
And death...death is the
Whimper's cessation
And the whimper magnified
By contrast
With the ensuing silence.

One would wish the whimper back
Despite the pain
Triumph permeates the cry.
Once one has died,
One is dead and that is that
But once alive,
One has lived, and that's that, too.

Perhaps the whole wide universe
Is striving now to know itself
And we are the privileged part
The universe's seeing eye
Armed with life and with sentience

If this be true
Then our living has meaning
And life itself
Is its own reason to be.
Without our world
We would not exist; without
Our beholding
For whom would it be at all?