Foundations by Joe Dees

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(1) What Is

We are aware. While we live we cannot help it.
We're aware of ourselves (more or less)
Of others in varying degrees of closeness and estrangement
And of our common world.
Awareness is by necessity relation, not identity.
While we live, we cannot be the ones we love
Or be the world, or even be the selves
We deceive ourselves to be while self-conceiving.
The pointing finger cannot be the moon to which it points.
While we live, we can never be finished, never arrive.
Besides, what could become of us if we achieved such desires?
Growth is by necessity in relation
And the dust-reunion will come soon enough.
But that a single hand can't clap
Does not make two fan empty air.
We are with those we love, in a common world
And spend our lives becoming ourselves with them.
Be grateful. Be glad.

(2) What Can Be

Love is not the Law;
Care is the Law.
We care for those whom we despise.
Adversaries are perversely precious to us.
We care for whomever makes a difference in our lives
One way or another.
Care encompasses both hate and love
And is opposed only by indifference.
The hard part is to transfigure all care into love.
When few succeed at this inner task they are oppressed
For most are unchanged, and take advantage of the loving.
But when many subscribe to the calling of loving care
They can save themselves and our common world
By treating each other with kindness
And our shared home with reverence.
Love is not the Reality
Love is the Ideal
And we touch our own Divine
By striving for that Ideal