A File for your Cake by Joe Dees

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I've got your prison worldview dangling
It's been dangling all the time
No use for existential wrangling
Freely chaos lacking rhyme
We're merely puppets playing mime
And the funny thing
Is we hold the strings
But we're ignorant and strangling
Self-caught in tangling lines.
We're masters of our dreaming
But still slaves to our seeming.
"Shred the Dread!" I am screaming.
But I see the bars. They're mine.

You poor benighted people...
Why don't you realize?
It's easy:
Just open your eyes!
Not those on the surface
All they perceive is dread
But the eyes inside your head.

I cry to you
And smile in me
And hope for the we
That may one day be
You'll See.