Awareness by Joe Dees

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Falling away into the future,
Pulsing insistently the call of each new instant,
Feeling the magnetism of the moment beyond,
Seeing through cataracts the soft hues and
Shifting silhouettes of yet-to-be,
Chained to the vortex
Of the formation from phantoms of the real,
The witness is the testimony of the
Awareness of presence.
The inquisitor questions his own existence,
Never realizing the significance of his doubt,
Blind to the affirmation embedded in the mirror
Reflecting the face of witness inquiring, inquisitor witnessing,
Visage before birth. The watcher waits quiescently
For a second palm with which to applaud.
The circular snake of self-perception cannot
Relinquish its grip upon its own tail
But neither can it swallow its own jaws.
Boring by being there, the tableau nevertheless
demands your full attention.
Mind is trapped within the orgasm of awareness
which will not be ignored.